New things…

diaryIt's been almost two months since my last post here, when I came up with a goal of writing a book in a year. Quite a lot has changed since. I've got a new job! I'm leaving my current job as Biosecurity Officer for the Falkland Islands Government to work as Visitor Management Officer for the Government of … Continue reading New things…


My writing goal

Y'know how sometimes it feels like things have aligned and you are spurred on to do a thing which you've always put off? Well that... I've always loved writing. There's nothing better than making sense of your thoughts by getting them out on a page, and nothing more luxurious than being able to create your … Continue reading My writing goal


Trudging to work this morning, in the pitch black and freezing cold, my thoughts turned initially to the fact that tomorrow is Liberation Day, and being a public holiday here in the Falklands, I wouldn't be making the same journey tomorrow but would instead be enjoying a lie in. Then I began to think about … Continue reading Liberation

My Brother Paul

I lost my twin brother Paul to sudden infant death when we were four and a half months old. Our family had nicknamed us Bear and Lamb; a reflection both of the noises we made and of our characters. I was Bear; growly and gregarious, while Paul was gentle and placid. We didn't share a … Continue reading My Brother Paul

Kidney Island- lacking in the best ways

On Wednesday evening I had the chance to visit Kidney Island which is a pest-free tussac island about 45 minutes from Stanley by boat. It's a government owned and managed nature reserve and designated Important Bird Area (IBA). Being pest free it is regularly monitored to ensure there have been no incursions of rats or … Continue reading Kidney Island- lacking in the best ways

How to look an albatross in the eye (Part 1)

5 minutes before my first proper job interview (by which I mean post-university) I found myself in a waiting room in Kensington, staring at a picture on the wall. The picture showed black-browed albatrosses in flight. I thought them to be the most beautiful birds I had ever seen, and promised myself that one day … Continue reading How to look an albatross in the eye (Part 1)

How to look an albatross in the eye (Part 2)

Here's a treat for you; I have written about horses arses, and Donald Trump all in the same post, but it's not what you think... If you missed the first part of this story you can read it here. Falklands Conservation visit Steeple Jason a couple of times each year to conduct research and seabird … Continue reading How to look an albatross in the eye (Part 2)