Ten years ago I stood on top of a hill on Saunders Island. I looked out across azure waters, white sands and a smattering of small islands stretching out as far as the eye could see.  I thought to myself ‘one day I will bring my wife and family here’. But first I had to go find a wife and start a family.

Saunders is one of many islands forming the archipelago that we know as the Falkland Islands. It is my favourite place on earth. The Falklands are a place of striking contrasts, from the beauty of the bleak windswept interior, to the wildlife encrusted coastline. There you may walk among penguins, albatross or elephant seals almost as if you are one of them.

I spent an amazing year working in the Falklands between 2002 and 2003 as a seabird and marine mammal observer. Ten years later I am returning to the Falklands and this time I am bringing with me my beautiful wife Zoe, and my three children, Oli, Rosie-May and Jack. In this blog I hope to describe our adventures along the way, and perhaps in another ten years we will look back on this and smile.


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