The imagination of children

So my kids have been around my feet all morning, its the last week of a five week school break and I think they are just bored. We only have one TV channel and thats the british forces channel and while it was good over christmas it now gone back to normal and there are … Continue reading The imagination of children


Lazy Days

Here are some pictures of a few random days spent exploring the Falklands. We spent a warm lazy day at Berkeley Sound, collected driftwood on the beach and made a small fire to brew tea. The kids made daisy chains and we picked the first Diddle-Dee berries, everything was idyllic. Then the kids decided that … Continue reading Lazy Days

Viking House

When we first moved to the Falklands it struck me that in years to come the kids will look back and remember the big old house we lived in at the bottom of the world. It will be part of their childhood memories; fuzzy and faded like an old photograph. Viking House was originally the … Continue reading Viking House

Olly’s first play date

Olly had his first play date today. It was with a nine year old Russian girl. Here all the children muck in and play regardless of age or sex. Olly and his friend had met a couple of times at BBQs as her dad and Ross work together. They have really clicked and enjoy each … Continue reading Olly’s first play date

Clean Sheets and Penguin Poo

So here we are, a brand new year! All fresh and clean, like getting between the crisp sheets of a newly made bed. Full of possibilities; hopes and dreams to be realised or dashed. We ended 2012 on a high after spending the day exploring some of East Falkland. Driving from Stanley to New Haven … Continue reading Clean Sheets and Penguin Poo