A Surreal Start to 2013

At 5 am on New Years Day we were woken up by a noise. Zoe, heard footsteps downstairs and the cupboard doors being opened and closed. At first she thought the kids had got up early and were ransacking the kitchen cupboard for cereals, but then it dawned on her that the footsteps weren’t the gentle patter of tiny feet but the clip-clopping of high heel shoes! Zoe nudged me awake as the front door slammed, then leapt up to look out the window. Bizarrely she saw a strange lady walking across our garden to a land rover where a man wearing John Lennon glasses was waiting. The pair got in the car and drove off oblivious of our calling after them.

Nothing had been taken or left, but all the doors were left open. Why the lady was in our house is a complete mystery. My own theory is that it was John Lennon reincarnate and his adoring Yoko Ono looking for a suitable bed to stage a peace protest. Perhaps they realised that with three small children our double bed was likely to be rather crowded in the mornings and not at all peaceful, they moved on in search of a king size.

So that is how 2013 started for us, head-scratchingly strange. How did the new year start for you?

One thought on “A Surreal Start to 2013

  1. Wow! our new year started similarly with a noise and banging at the door at 1.30am, we recognised our callers though, even under very good disgiuse. The man appeared to be of african origin with a dark brown face together with a white fez the lady appeared to be chinese and the two girls were dressed as hoola girls with grass skirts and not much else. Needless to say it was Lee and family calling in for a New Year drink! Happy New Year to you all x


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