Ross keeps nagging at me to blog, but I’m not a writer, I’m not poetic and just afraid that I’ll let you all down. Plus my spelling is terrible. He has tried to patiently explain on a few occasions when it looks like I might be interested that its about writing a diary, keeping a memory for years to come of our time down here.
So I’ll give it a go…… I took the kids to the library yesterday. The library is attached to the leisure centre which in turn is attached to the secondary school. You go in to the leisure centre passed the swimming pool and up the stairs to the library think that’s a first for me. I had explained to Olly and Rosie that although we are going to the library today I was unsure if we would be able to get books out as I didn’t know what we needed to join. When we walked in through the door the kids immediately found the small children’s section and were away. I asked the lady behind the counter if we could join and what we needed (ID wise) to join. All I had to do was fill in a form with our address on it and all the members of my family who wanted to join and I was done. No proof of ID, no proof of address she just believed me, how refreshing. She handed me a bit of paper with opening times and other bits of info and said “that’s it no cards here”.
I shouldn’t have been surprised its like that everywhere here. I went into a shop the other day to rent a DVD for the kids, just wrote my name in a book and left with a DVD and a promise to bring it back two days later. To get money out the bank ( there are no bank cards either, no ATM everything is done by cash or cheque) I have to fill out a cash withdrawal slip put my account number on it and the amount I want and give it to the cashier, they give me the money. They don’t ask to see my cheque book, or proof of ID they believe that I’m getting money from my account as I say I am. It’s a really lovely way to live, a bit unsettling to start with but lovely. The thing is is that here there is no where to hide and that why things are as they are.
Going back to being in the library with the kids…. In England going to the library used to fill me with dread. My kids are excited by library’s, the books and the possibilities make them quite hard to supervise especially when it’s a ratio of 3:1. It’s the same dread that I felt when we entered the library yesterday. I talked to the kids in the car, I told them that library’s are quite places, that while its OK to pick up books a look at them they should put them back and they should not run around. When we walked in the library the librarian smiled at us. That’s an unusual response in our local library at home they furrowed their brows and refused to make eye contact. Then I remembered Falkland Islanders like children. They engage with them, they smile at them and they laugh with them. This has been my experience so far anyway. I relaxed the children were fairly acceptable. The librarian laugh at the children’s enthusiasm and pointed a few thing out to them. I even got to look at some books and choose some for myself, that has never happened when I have taken the children to the library on my own. Normally its all about getting in and out causing as little disruption as possible. When we had chosen our books and went to the desk the librarian even gave the children the date stamp so they could stamp the books as she checked them out. A good time was had by all. The only problem being the kids want to go there every day.


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