Here are some pictures of a few random days spent exploring the Falklands.

We spent a warm lazy day at Berkeley Sound, collected driftwood on the beach and made a small fire to brew tea. The kids made daisy chains and we picked the first Diddle-Dee berries, everything was idyllic. Then the kids decided that the most exciting place to play in all this vast rugged landscape, was the car! Then they ended up arguing over who got to sit in the boot. Such is life.IMG_1582 (640x427)IMG_1618 (640x427)

Afterwards we went for a drive and found ourselves at the end of the road in a place called Rincon Grande. The owner was really friendly and he let us drive across his land to a small private beach but by that time the sun had gone in and it was a bit chilly so we didn’t loiter. Furthermore I didn’t want to face the humiliation of getting bogged in his field and have to ask to be pulled out. tinyfeet

One evening we drove down to Surf Bay and went for a walk. It’s amazing what you can see right on the doorstep of Stanley. We’ve seen a king penguin, elephant seal, skuas, commersons dolphins all sorts there but this particular evening we saw an amazing sunset and the kids found rocks!

IMG_1518 (427x640)

Jack’s Rock

IMG_1497 (640x427)

Oli’s Rock

IMG_1492 (640x334)

Rosie’s Rock, oh wait…that looks like a camera shaped rock.

IMG_1487 (427x640)

Jack looking windswept and interesting…

Can you guess what it is yet?

Can you guess what it is yet?

Lazy Days

2 thoughts on “Lazy Days

  1. Lovely photos of the children Ross. You are leading a very interesting life down there. I can see how Benadette and Geoff love it so much. Take care. Auntie Pam. X


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