The imagination of children

So my kids have been around my feet all morning, its the last week of a five week school break and I think they are just bored. We only have one TV channel and thats the british forces channel and while it was good over christmas it now gone back to normal and there are no children’s programmes on. We have had a busy holidays, the excitement of their dad coming home from sea, christmas, parties, BBQs and finally Rosie’s Birthday party at our house and their dad going back to sea. We have seen penguins and explored our new Island, having picnic and building camp fires. This week however its back to single parenting and a bit of a tighter rein on things.
So they were whining at me “what are we doing today” ” where are we going?”
I rushed around doing bits of jobs, quickly showered while Rosie had a poo and Jack pretended to be the Andrex puppy. Got dressed and made myself presentable to the world.
Said “let’s go to the beach”
They said” No we want to go to the park”
I said “Ok let’s go to the park, Olly you go get dressed” ( Rosie had already dressed herself in some very imaginative clothing)
I got Jack dressed and ready to go but all went quite. I went upstairs to find where everyone had gone and discovered they had found a cupboard, a small cupboard above Ollys bed and they are all in it. They no longer wanted to go to the park they wanted to play in the cupboard. They got out to get books, DS and gun and got back in again.
About half an hour or so later Olly requested snacks in the cupboard. I handed some up, had a cup of tea and watched a bit of this morning.
A full hour and half later they came downstairs and told me they had made a cupboard club and it would start at 11 o’clock everyday, unless Olly was ill in which case it would be canceled. They had also made a library in the bigger cupboard below the little cupboard, the library would be open everyday except Wednesday.
Kids are great.

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