During the Christmas period we went to a few BBQ. We hadn’t been here long and the host and other guests were mainly from my husbands work. I didn’t know anyone at these gatherings and was introduced to everyone by my husband. After the initial questions of how are you finding it here and are the kids settling in ok? I often got asked how i felt about the earwigs? Do you mind them? The first time I was asked, I was a bit taken back by the question and just answered that I didn’t mind bugs and creepy crawlers. By the third or fourth time I was asked I had to ask why I kept getting asked this question. I was told that earwigs were prolific on the island. At that point I could honestly say that I hadn’t noticed any. I spent sometime at home not exactly hunting them out but I was observing any bug or creepy crawler. I still didn’t see any earwigs I had seen a fair few millipedes. The next time I was asked that question I had to clarify that we were talking about the same bug, that what they were calling an earwig was the same thing I called an earwig. It was.
I told my husband about this odd question everyone kept asking me,and had he noticed a lot of earwigs? I think he said he hadn’t noticed many but there were definitely some around. The next time he saw one he pointed it out to me, then gradually I noticed more and more. I then thought to myself yes there are a few earwigs around.

My boys like the earwigs, Jack my youngest in particular likes to pick them up. He comes and shows me and I say yes lovely now I think he would like it more outside, go take in to the garden. Sometime the earwigs get a ride on Jacks train or car first before being put outside.

However over the last week or so the weather has started to get a lot colder and the amount of earwigs in the house has gone up considerably. Each morning when I open the front door for the first time there can be up to six waiting to come in. In the evening after I have put the kids to bed I sit In the front room with the door closed because we have a open fire and I want to keep the heat in. If I go out in the the hall and turn the light on I can count at lease 15 on the floor and walls.

The other day I went to the loo and found an earwig on my leg. I had tights on and I must have got in them at some point and been there all day. Well that was it for me, enough!

I don’t like killing things. I don’t let my children kill things. I tell them if they kill it they eat it, we only kill things we eat. I feel terrible if I accidentally kill something and I will go to a lot of effort to avoid killing a buggy insecty thing. If I find something in the house that I don’t want in the house I will find something to pick it up with and take it out the house. A lot of the time I live and let live and leave it in the house. The exception to this rule is wasps. I hate wasps, they make every fight or flight response I have start up. If I’m alone in the house with a wasp I will open the window in that room, close the door, wait for my husband to come home so he can inspect the room and make sure the wasp has gone. I still don’t kill them though.

When I saw the earwig on my leg as I sat on the loo, I sighed. I was going to have to do something. I decided that I would have to start ‘culling’ them. So quietly when the children weren’t looking I would quickly stamp on them. They are not easy to kill, you have to stand on them and twist. I didn’t want to tell the children that it was ok to kill them because I have spent so much time telling them not to kill buggy things. I’ve been killing loads, it doesn’t feel right but we cannot live with this many earwigs. Yesterday I found one at the bottom of my coffee cup, just as i finished my last mouthful.
Today when we opened the front door there was at least 15 that came scuttling in. I couldn’t help it I had my Doctor Martins on and I just started stamping on them. The kids stood open mouthed, shocked. I forgot I hadn’t told them about my decision to ‘cull’ the earwigs, I don’t think they have ever seen me kill anything. I explained on the way to school that taking them outside wasn’t working they were just coming back in again, that there was just too many and that some had to be killed. Jack and Oli have got in to it. They pick them up take them outside and stand on them. I’ve told them about culling, how I’m not comfortable with it but something has to be done. I’ve explained about killing humanly, and what it means.

I can now see why I was asked how I felt about earwigs often, it really is a pesky business. My only question is how many earwigs make an infestation?


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