The relative ness of speed

I have been leant a campervan by a friend. I have it until June. I have had it for about four weeks now. Until I got the van I have pretty much walked everywhere, apart from a short time over Christmas when a complete stranger leant me a Landrover Discovery. Mobility is the key to life on the Falklands.
The speed limit in Stanly is 25mph which I believe reduces further during school letting out times. It’s hard, believe it or not to get even to that speed most of the time because of the way Stanley is built. It’s built in blocks, like Americain style streets. The streets are short and there are a lot of junctions. So you can’t get up much speed before your slowing down again to stop at a junction. Also there are always plenty of cars parked up on the side of the road which means that you have to stop to let on coming traffic through. The only exception to the 25mph speed limit is on the big MPA road at the top of Stanley, this road goes all the way in more or less a straight line to the Military base and airport about an hour away. On this road you can go 40mph. This is the top speed limit on the Island. The consequence of being caught speeding are steep. The police are hot on it, lets face it there is little else for them to do here. The fines are really high and there is plenty of points on you licence if caught.

Anyway, you know when your driving along, say on a motorway, singing to the music from the radio, talking to the kids, not paying any attention to your speed. Then all of sudden it occurs to you that your travelling at quite a speed and you look at the speedometer and you doing 90mph instead of 70. You then looking in to all your mirror hoping there are no police around. Well this happened to me this morning.

This morning, I was traveling along the MPA road singing along to the music and chatting to the children not really concentrating on my speed. Then I got a fright. Oh my I thought to myself I’m going really fast I need to slow down. When I looked at the speedometer I was going 35mph. I suppose because I normally only drive around Stanley at less than 25mph travelling 35mph felt like I was going really fast. It made me laugh, a few months ago travelling at 35mph would have driven me mad, now I consider it speeding.

One thought on “The relative ness of speed

  1. Ah yes the speed limits! Couldn’t wait to get back to the UK to go faster than 40 MPH instead of driving the restricted 40MPH landrovers that we had. Mind you, there is a steep hill about half way between MPA and Stanley where you could get 60MPH with the clutch in.


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