Slow down Jackie J don’t grow up to fast. What’s the hurry?

My baby boy turned three this week. Man, that is mad, where has the time gone? He is mad on football. I don’t know where he gets it from. I’m the biggest football fan in our house, and I only watch England World Cup matches. From an early early age he has loved balls and football. Now at the age of three he can catch a ball from a fair distance serval times over, he can kick a moving ball. Hell while I’m boasting I may as well tell you he can throw the ball up and kick it before it lands.

For his birthday we brought him a new football. This afternoon we picked his older brother and sister up from school and went to the park to play, we took the ball with us. It’s been a beautiful sunny, clear blue sky kind of a day here so the park was busy. When he got his ball from out of the pushchair he instantly had ten new friends. They were all at least double his age some were even getting on for being three times his age. Anyway a goal was set out, a goal keeper found and a game started. I watched for a few mins and I could see that he was running here and there but wasn’t fast enough to get the ball before the bigger boys and this was becoming frustrating for him. I went over to the other boys and said “Jack loves that you are playing football with him, but could you please make sure he gets a kick of the ball every now and then? it is his ball you are playing with”. “OK” they replied. They did too. For 45 mins my little man ran round playing football with the big boys. They let him have the ball lots, they let him tackle them, when he shot the ball at the goal they dived in the wrong direction so the ball want in. He was delighted. Eventually the game started to break up as the boys one by one had to go home. When the last one had to go, Jack brought the ball over, put it back under the pushchair said “George has to go now” ( the boys name was actually Jordan, but Jack found this to difficult to say) and jumped in to the pushchair. Little man to my baby in two movements.


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