What do you do with the tooth once you’ve been the tooth fairy?

My eldest son has started to loose his baby teeth. The other day he lost his second baby tooth. The first one came out a while ago. I was cooking dinner at the time. My husband was home, and he dealt with the BIG event. I saw the tooth, I congratulated him on loosing it and looked at the new tooth that had come through, but the time was hectic as it always is in my house at that time of day. By bed time when it came to putting the tooth under the pillow it had been lost. We searched but couldn’t find it. The tooth fairy came anyway, along with a pound, she left a note saying she had found it in the bin outside. We thought that it had probably been wiped off the dinner table and discarded in to the bin along with other dinner debris. The bin had then been emptied and the rubbish bag put in to the bigger bin outside.

Anyway the second tooth came out at school. When I say ‘came out’ he actually pulled it out after a friend had dared him to. It had been wobbly for a while and a couple of days before he pulled it out it had been hanging in there by will power alone. It came home in a little resealable plastic bag with his name on it and we put it somewhere safe for bed time. We learnt from our earlier mistake. At bed time it was put under his pillow and before I went to bed I took the tooth that was still in the bag from under his pillow and replaced it with a pound. I was left holding the tooth. I didn’t know what to do with the tooth. What do parents do with the baby teeth? As I looked at the tiny tooth in my hand I started to remember. I remembered that tooth growing. I remembered watching it daily emerging from his gum. I remembered the poorly tummy it gave him and the extra night time breast feeds it required, the grumpy clingy baby. It was his second tooth to arrive and I remembered the toothy grin he would give us when we asked him to show us his teeth. That tooth and I have history, I couldn’t throw it away. But if i keep it, he might find it and realises I’m the tooth fairy. It could ruin his childhood!
I’ve kept the tooth, I’ve buried it deep inside my make up case and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t find. I have two more children that I will go through this with. I’m going to have a lot of teeth to hide. Seriously what do you all do with the baby teeth that come out?


One thought on “What do you do with the tooth once you’ve been the tooth fairy?

  1. This brings a large lump in my throat and tears to my eyes no kidding. Memories too of my children and tooth fairies. Missing you and my wonderful Grandchildren and their milestones. Time really does fly ay Zoe and they continue to grow and learn and leave you with amazing and loveable memories.
    I kept my children’s teeth until they gradually disappeared before I was found out. Fortunately they never found them until they were old enough to decide for themselves. Of course they all know the tooth fairies are real. Only last week I came across Abi’s first two teeth amongst her Christening memento’s in the shed. The tooth fairies do return some teeth after they’ve made the casts of them to plant in the seeds for newborn babies gums. Xxxxxx


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