Big Sky Country

We don’t have many TV channels in the Falklands, but the view kind of makes up for it…


Forget Montana, the Falklands really are ‘Big Sky Country’. Some of the best cloud formations I have ever seen have been here, and what’s more it changes within minutes. The photograph above was taken one evening after dusk. I spent about 20 minutes outside taking photos of the sunset and during that time the sky changed from clear to thick ‘mackerel skies’ and back to clear again. I set the shutter speed for a long exposure of 20 seconds to soften the appearance of the clouds and water and to make the most of the little available light.

IMG_2337 (640x345)

The sunset above was taken a few days before. It was a warm windless evening (unusually for the Falklands) and the harbour was like glass. Between times it has been moody and stormy, the water whipped up into white-caps.


The last photo was taken a few months back. There were dark rain clouds rolling  over but with bright sunshine breaking through between them. Perhaps after another couple of months I’ll have ‘stormy’ ‘rainy’ and ‘snowy’ to add to the collection!


4 thoughts on “Big Sky Country

  1. wonderful photography Ross, hope you and your family are enjoying the adventure and your work is going well. Love Aunty Gerry xxxxx


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