Lunch Boxes, Bath & Bed.

Today is the last day of the school holidays and Oli, Rosie & Jack have finally slotted into the chilled holiday mood. Typical because tomorrow morning it will be back to school and we will be hurrying them out of bed, forcing breakfast down their gullets and ushering them out the door before they know what has hit them.

On the whole I have enjoyed spending time at home with them, but I can’t pretend we have spent the last few weeks in blissful harmony, indulging in wholesome activities and participating in random acts of kindness and goodwill… Although there has been some of that, there has also been a generous helping of mega strops (by all parties including myself), tantrums and tittle tattle. I guess that is normal behaviour for three young children but sometimes it can be tiring and you feel that you spend most of your day playing referee.

IMG_3406   IMG_3381IMG_3331

However, now at the end of our holidays we seem to have found a rhythm. We have just got back from a great few days at Racepoint Farm in Port San Carlos. About a 2 hour drive from Stanley it is a beautiful part of the Falklands set among a landscape of sweeping mountains and rivers. The drive there was a little stressful as I was nursing a hangover while at the same time concentrating hard on the road, while the kids bickered and vomited in the back seat. The track was in a bad state after quite a lot of rain and in places it was rutted as deep as the tyres and very slippery. I was glad to be driving our big old defender with tyres as big as houses.

As soon as we arrived the state of the track and the stench of vomit was quickly forgotten and Rosie made a speedy recovery once the world stopped rocking around. The self catering accommodation was much more luxurious than we could have hoped and with the bad weather we resigned ourselves to spending the rest of the day relaxing in the house. Somehow I have passed my 35 years without ever playing Monopoly *hangs head in shame*, and so Zoe quickly set about educating the kids and I about the whys and wherefores of buying famous London streets with paper money.


The next day the rain had stopped so we explored the settlement and went for a walk down to the coast. It was still pretty cold and the kids were not really feeling up to outdoorsy pursuits. After they had drenched their feet splashing in puddles we had to cut our walk short but later returned with the car so that we could explore a bit further. The kids took it in turns sitting on my lap and steering as we picked our way through the fields and across the camp in a very erratic zig zag until we came upon some very wet and boggy country and baled, walking the rest of the way to the beach.



But all good things must come to an end and so after three nights and four days of fun and frollicks we came back home. Happily the drive back was much improved by the dry track, lack of hangover and Rosie managed not to throw up.

It’s back to school tomorrow… a big day as it will be Jack’s first day at ‘big’ school! I can’t believe our baby boy will be embarking on his career of full time education! Having said that I really feel he is ready for it and he himself is looking forward to it immensely. Oli and Rosie are aslo looking forward to going back to school and moving into their new classes. I will also be the ‘new boy’ tomorrow as I start my new job – or at least I will be shadowing the current biosecurity officer before taking on the roll officially in October after one last trip to sea! But for now it’s time to pack the lunch boxes, bath and bed…


2 thoughts on “Lunch Boxes, Bath & Bed.

  1. Hi hope Jack had a good first day at school, can’t believe he is now attending full time! Hope Ollie and Rosie enjoyed their first day back to school after the holidays.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your new job it sounds extremely interesting. Well done, as I know that it would have been very difficult to be given the post as a non Falklander.
    Love to you all xxxxx


  2. Aaah! Bless their nylon socks, vomit an all. I can’t believe baby boy is OFF to full time education but delighted they are all happy to return to school after their holiday. I could visualise all the scenarios and would relish the opportunity to be amongst it ALL again. That is an easy thing to say several thousand miles away. Grandparents can relish “norm” with young children as they walk away after short periods and Mum And Dad get to have all the fun to themselves once more. Lol…….good luck to you all tomorrow, today here. Wish I was there to pack the lunch boxes etc. love you. xxxxxxx


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