A Centenarian, A Tractor And The Wonders Of Skype

This is a post-dated post. Let me explain. I started the following post on my Nan’s 100th birthday but didn’t get to finish it. I promptly forgot all about it until I found this draft. It’s a precious memory and so I thought it was worth finishing, even though it’s well over a year late!

One of the tough things about living here is being away from family and friends. This is particularly true on special occasions or anniversaries. It’s is very expensive to make international calls from the Falklands and we also have a very limited allowance of internet. Nonetheless today warranted a special Skype call – it is my Nan’s 100th birthday!10401234_50393691485_6014_n

My Nan doesn’t have access to the internet and so I had previously arranged with my Mum to call her on my Mum’s mobile phone. The plan was set, the day and hour approached. I made the call and waited for the connection to be made… Nothing! I tried calling back a few minutes later, still no answer. Eventually I grew tired of this and sent a message to my sister asking if she knew the whereabouts of our Mum and her mobile phone. It transpired that Mum was riding on a vintage tractor in deepest darkest Cornwall and was stuck in traffic!

Many hours later Mum had traversed Cornwall in the vintage tractor and I was able to speak to Nan and wish her a happy birthday. She was amazed and slightly perplexed at the Skype call and thought at first she was just watching a video of me – she was taken aback to realise it was a two way conversation and I could answer her. Once she had got her head around that she was her usual self; joking and laughing and chatting so much she could barely catch her breath. She looked more frail than when I had last seen her, but a 100 years old that is only to be expected!

It was a precious Skype call and I hung up feeling very happy to have spoken to Nan, and very sad at the same time knowing that it could be the last time I would speak to her, and as it turned out it was.


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