The Elephant Who Came To Tea

By ‘eck, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here, but New Year, new resolutions and all that, fresh start.

It’s been another lovely day today so we decided to make the most of it and head down to the lighthouse for dinner. We chucked the trangia, a bag of pasta, the kids and the dog in the back of the land rover and headed down to Cape Pembroke.

We drove right down to the lighthouse and walked the last few hundred metres down to the point. With the prevailing wind behind us we dropped down into the sheltered cove with half a dozen elephant seals for company.


The elephant seals are young and like this spot to haul out and moult. We have been down several times to visit them over the past weeks and they are now looking as if it won’t be too much longer before they head back out to sea. A couple of the young bulls were in the water practising their sparing for what seemed like hours.



Their was a lot of bird life to see with black-browed albatrosses coming in close to shore and thousands of sooty shearwaters heading up the coast to Kidney Island where their chicks await in their subterranean nests. There were prions, terns, skuas and all the usual gulls, geese and shore birds.

Often dinner times at home are stressful. The kids are tired and hungry (bad combo) and one of them invariably decides that they no longer like what was their favourite dinner just last week, or goes on hunger strike for causes known only to themselves. But when you are cooking dinner on a single meths burner, in one pan, on the beach there is little to go wrong and for once the kids played happily and all was serene except for a near miss with the stove (images of bush fires and scalded elephant  seals flashed through my mind), a toileting debacle (but only a number 1), and Rosie & Jack getting their clothes wet.

Of course it wasn’t all perfect, Rosie had a short tantrum on the homeward journey as we drove over dunes and through ditches, but as a James family outing goes it was oddly tranquil. As I write this post we are back home, the kids have been bathed and are asleep in bed. The sun is casting a warm orange glow as it sets over the harbour, my face feels a little tight from a day in the sun and I am feeling content and not a little smug. Just waiting for the dog to fart, the lambs to jump the fence and one of the kids to wake up and vomit in my lap.


3 thoughts on “The Elephant Who Came To Tea

  1. Oh so thrilled to hear your New Year resolutions and this wonderful look into your day out. Thank you so much for sharing your day and picnic. It’s the next best thing to being with you all. Xxxxx

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