My writing goal

Y’know how sometimes it feels like things have aligned and you are spurred on to do a thing which you’ve always put off? Well that…

I’ve always loved writing. There’s nothing better than making sense of your thoughts by getting them out on a page, and nothing more luxurious than being able to create your own world and all the people to inhabit it. For about a decade (crikey) I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a book and made a few false starts. The trouble is, writing is really hard. Recently however, things began to align.


Monday morning: Back to Reality

Last year I discovered a podcast called The Bestseller Experiment in which the hosts, Mark Stay and Mark Desvaux (aka Mark Oliver) aimed to write, publish and market a best selling novel in a year. I listened to them each week as they interviewed authors, editors and agents, gleaning information and wisdom from people across the industry, and distilling it down into digestible chunks.

A few weeks ago, the two Marks finished their novel ‘Back to Reality’, and I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy ahead of their official launch (also on Monday 16th October). I can vouch for it being a really good read; it’s well written, it’s funny and has a fantastic page turning plot. Check it out for yourself on Amazon, and if you are interested in writing, you won’t regret subscribing to the podcast either.

My sister Vikki has also spent the last year or more writing and illustrating a children’s book called the Burrows in the Brambles which, coincidentally is also being released on Monday 16th October. I know it’s been a real labour of love for Vikki, and to see the book as a real, complete and tangible thing in the world is very special and the result of a huge amount of hard work and dedication. The Burrows in the Brambles story encourages children to be more aware of the environment, and also to appreciate the small and simple pleasures in life. It is illustrated with the most beautiful paintings and layered images, inspired by the Cornish countryside where the book is set. Well done McV!


A sample from The Burrows in the Brambles

I’m really chuffed for Vikki and the two Marks. That they have managed to pull off the seemingly impossible and let loose good books into the world is an inspiration and makes me want to publicly declare that I intend to write a book, and finish it before 16th October 2018. Wait, did I just say that out loud? Doh, now I’ll actually have to do it or feel like a buffoon.

And so, dear reader I’m asking for your help. I’m starting a newsletter where you can follow my progress and heckle me until the book is written, and in return I will regale you with some Salty Tales and keep you informed on how the writing is going.


Salty Tales

To start with I plan to share extracts from my diary entries from my first trip at sea – 111 days in the north Atlantic involving decapitation, hurricanes, mutiny and a dog named Pirate. On the 18th October 2017 it will be exactly 16 years since my first diary entry, which I’ll share with you ‘live’, but 16 years to the day later.

You can find my new website and blog at – come on over!



4 thoughts on “My writing goal

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  2. As someone lucky enough to have read some of those first diary entries I can’t wait for this to happen. Your writing is gripping and I can’t wait for the book – go Ross x

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