New things…

diaryIt’s been almost two months since my last post here, when I came up with a goal of writing a book in a year. Quite a lot has changed since.

I’ve got a new job! I’m leaving my current job as Biosecurity Officer for the Falkland Islands Government to work as Visitor Management Officer for the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. I’m both very excited to start the new job, and sad to be leaving a job I love and fantastic colleagues, but such is life. South Georgia calls! For us as a family not much will change as we will still be based here in Stanley, I’ll just be working from a different building.

The kids have had their ups and downs but are generally happy and doing well. Oli has settled into life at secondary school, Rosie overcame her nerves and went away for two nights on school camp, and Jack is Jack; a whirlwind of chaos and confusion and football mania. Summer seems to have arrived in the Falklands with some fantastic weather over the last week, the seasonal shift and more clement weather has prompted Zoe to cut her hair short, it looks fantastic but change sits less easily with the kids and they have been eying her suspiciously. We’d better hope that there isn’t a cold snap.

I’ve been working towards my writing goal and have set up a new blog page called Salty Tales where I’ve been getting in the habit of writing every day by sharing a diary from my first trip at sea as a fisheries observer in 2001. I’ve been really buoyed up by the support I’ve received from people following the diary and commenting on the Facebook page, which has more than made up for the 5am starts I’ve been doing.

Mum is on the next flight to the Falklands, and so we are counting down the days until she arrives, along with the countdown to Christmas. All in all exciting times!




3 thoughts on “New things…

  1. So pleased about your new job I know you will miss your colleagues but you will make more friends. It is an amazing opportunity good luck. Happy Christmas with your family and your Mum brilliant. Love to you all love from aunty Gerry xxxxxx loving Salty Tales xxxx🎄😜❤️♥️🎄


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