New things…

diaryIt's been almost two months since my last post here, when I came up with a goal of writing a book in a year. Quite a lot has changed since. I've got a new job! I'm leaving my current job as Biosecurity Officer for the Falkland Islands Government to work as Visitor Management Officer for the Government of … Continue reading New things…


Kidney Island- lacking in the best ways

On Wednesday evening I had the chance to visit Kidney Island which is a pest-free tussac island about 45 minutes from Stanley by boat. It's a government owned and managed nature reserve and designated Important Bird Area (IBA). Being pest free it is regularly monitored to ensure there have been no incursions of rats or … Continue reading Kidney Island- lacking in the best ways

How to look an albatross in the eye (Part 1)

5 minutes before my first proper job interview (by which I mean post-university) I found myself in a waiting room in Kensington, staring at a picture on the wall. The picture showed black-browed albatrosses in flight. I thought them to be the most beautiful birds I had ever seen, and promised myself that one day … Continue reading How to look an albatross in the eye (Part 1)

The Elephant Who Came To Tea

By 'eck, it's been a while since I posted anything on here, but New Year, new resolutions and all that, fresh start. It's been another lovely day today so we decided to make the most of it and head down to the lighthouse for dinner. We chucked the trangia, a bag of pasta, the kids … Continue reading The Elephant Who Came To Tea

Salty Tales

It's high time to write a new post. I've spent a lot of time at sea recently with several trips on different boats and only short periods back on dry land. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. My last trip was a research cruise on a trawler. It's part of an ongoing project … Continue reading Salty Tales

Suns and Sons

Ten minutes before bed Oli busts out his profound question of the day "Dad, what are stars?". Some children would be happy with 'burning balls of gas millions of miles away' kind of explanations to which they might say "oh" and move on, not understanding but having an answer filed away to regurgitate in the … Continue reading Suns and Sons