How to look an albatross in the eye (Part 2)

Here's a treat for you; I have written about horses arses, and Donald Trump all in the same post, but it's not what you think... If you missed the first part of this story you can read it here. Falklands Conservation visit Steeple Jason a couple of times each year to conduct research and seabird … Continue reading How to look an albatross in the eye (Part 2)


A Day in Stanley…in a minute

This is my first attempt at timelapse photography. I was hoping for a change in weather or a good sunset but unfortunately today was remarkably calm. This was taken from around 10am through to 7pm and condensed into less than a minute.

Elephant Beach

We decided it would be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Capital for a weekend (note the sarcasm) and so booked a night at Elephant Beach Farm to 'get away from it all'. We had phoned a couple of places but many were already booked at such short notice, however … Continue reading Elephant Beach

Big Sky Country

We don't have many TV channels in the Falklands, but the view kind of makes up for it... Forget Montana, the Falklands really are 'Big Sky Country'. Some of the best cloud formations I have ever seen have been here, and what's more it changes within minutes. The photograph above was taken one evening after … Continue reading Big Sky Country

Clean Sheets and Penguin Poo

So here we are, a brand new year! All fresh and clean, like getting between the crisp sheets of a newly made bed. Full of possibilities; hopes and dreams to be realised or dashed. We ended 2012 on a high after spending the day exploring some of East Falkland. Driving from Stanley to New Haven … Continue reading Clean Sheets and Penguin Poo